Isn’t it time to turn your heart into a temple of fire?
 ~ Rumi

Botticelli c. 1481-1485
Madonna of the Magnificat (detail)


” Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away “
Sarah Kay

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Gayle Bard

Ode those that would place their family, before their

own ambitions.Ode, to the soul of our nation. Women. For if it is men, that are the history, it is surely woman, that are the soul.Ode, to those who provide, protect and guidetheir loved ones.Ode, to those that know the difference, betweencompromising and belief.Ode, to all who give their lives, intime of war; especially the majority, forthey are mostly, from economically challenge areas.Ode, to a rare breed of politician, who puts theirconstitutes, before their political ambitions.Ode to those that understand, that their religion is notnecessarily the one and true religion. For if that weretrue, what of the billions of others, that have chosena religion, not likened to theirs? Ode, to all who react, to the plight of those less fortunate.Ode, to the parents of this world, who teach their childrenthe values of life and living.Ode, to the countless millions, who give of themselves andask nothing in return.Ode, to those who consciously attempt, to make this a better world.For if we want a better world, each of us, must try and be better.Ode, to the power, that causes words that are lodged in thebirth canal of life…to finally be born.

Joe Fazio

Bill Bate

To live I don’t want
islands, palaces, towers.
What steeper joy
Than living in pronouns!
Take off your clothing,
features, pictures;
I don’t want you like that,
masked as another,
always a daughter of something.
I want you pure, free,
irreducible: you.I know when I call you
among all people
in the world,
only you will be you.
And when you ask me
who is calling you,
who waits you his,
I will bury nouns,
labels, history.
I will tear apart
all they threw on me
before I was born.
And finally back in the eternal
anonymity of nakedness,
of stone of the world,
I will tell you:
"I love you, yes, I am the one."

Pedro Salinas

The term ‘sacred prostitute’ presents a paradox to our logical minds, for, as I have indicated, we are disinclined to associate that which is sexual with that which is consecrated to the gods. ~Nancy Qualls-Corbett

I begin lovemaking by blowing my breath upon you. Do you know that you can write love words upon your lover’s back with your tongue? I write all over your body the things I want and the things I know you need. It’s such a good beginning, but I promise you, only a beginning. There will be a later, a later that goes on and on and on. So come, my holy underwater shell, that drum between your legs, become a poem. Now speak to me with your tiny tongue. Make the music that we both love.  ~Sappho

(via Oh how I long to taste my juices on your tongue again…)

Dipinto di Harutyun Gulamir Khachatryan

Sex is the highest form of prayer. ~Lisa Citore

If anyone asks youhow the perfect satisfactionof all our sexual wantingwill look, lift your faceand say,Like this.~Rumi