Graham Dean.


"Red River Shore" by Bob Dylan

An outtake from the Time Out of Mind sessions.

Well, I’m a stranger here in a strange land
But I know this is where I belong
I’ll ramble and gamble for the one I love
And the hills will give me a song
Though nothing looks familiar to me
I know I’ve stayed here before
Once, a thousand nights ago
With the girl from the Red River shore

Masterful song craft. Every lyrical nuance, every melodic nuance, every vocal nuance, every instrumental nuance, …each break my heart, note by note when I listen to this.

I’ve grown to love Bob’s “old man” voice even better than his classic Dylan vocal style.


100% ART

Alfred Ehrhardt Anfangsstadium im Kristallisationsprozess, Vitamin C [First phase of the crystallization process, vitamin C] [Photomicroscopy] 1939

J.R. Furbush

Sunrise Sunplosion by (Geoff Fandrick)

Photography by Ron Terner

Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs,
you look like a world, lying in surrender.
My rough peasant’s body digs in you
and makes the son leap from the depth of the earth.

~ Pablo Neruda ( excerpt)


Young Dancer of Fourteen, 1880-8, Musée d’Orsay (via:
Edgar Degas 
See archive for more Degas.  A lot more.  :D

By Georgia O’Keeffe


Can we be friends ? by Caras Ionut,

Futurist Poet, Playwright and essayist Mina Loy     Uncredited and Undated Photograph

"The flux of life is pouring its aesthetic aspect into your eyes, your ears – and you ignore it because you are looking for your canons of beauty in some sort of frame or glass case or tradition."  Mina Loy, 1924